Bringing your tree home

When you get your tree home, leave it in the netting it is wrapped in until it is set in the stand.  If you are not setting up your tree the day it was cut, then leave your tree outside of the house with the trunk sitting in a bucket of water.  Once you are ready to bring your tree in, place it in the stand and then cut the netting off.  A pin stand can really make the set up process easy.  Below is a short video of placing a tree in the Answer Stand which is one of several pin stands we have available for sale.

Getting Ready to Open

We are excited to have you come visit the farm this year!  In preparation, we chose a tree for the gift shop.  The following pictures show the process we went through to chose our tree.  It is similar to what your experience will be!

Grab a saw and sled and pull it into the field…


Chose the tree for you.  We chose a Scotch Pine that was about 11 feet tall…


Cut the tree…


Place the tree on the sled to pull it up to be measured…


After the tree is measured and tagged, it is shaken to remove any loose needles and branches.  If you have a tree stand which works with a drilled hole, we prepare the tree with the drilled hole in the trunk…


Next the tree would be wrapped in netting and brought to your vehicle to travel home.  For our tree, we carried it into the shop and set it into our Answer Stand…


The video did not transfer well, so it is not posted.  This was a very heavy tree, however, our staff was able to set this tree into the Answer Stand in less than one minute!



Our tree will be decorated with lights and hand crafted ornaments which will be for sale in preparation for opening day on the 23rd!

Choosing the Right Tree Height

Determine where in your home you want to display your tree. Then use this simple formula to choose the right height:

Item Example
Height = room height 8 ft
minus tree toppers ornaments 1 ft
minus height added by the tree stand 0.5 ft
minus height of any base or table that you put under the stand 0
plus bottom of tree removed 0.5 ft
 Equals height of tree to buy at the farm = 7 ft

2018 Tree Availability & Pricing

We grow many varieties of evergreen trees at River Run Tree Farm.  The following are the varieties and size range of the trees that are available for the 2018 Christmas season:

FIR (Sold per ft. @ $9 with incremental measurements priced on site)

Canaan Fir               5 Ft. to 9 Ft. Height

Concolor Fir             5 Ft. to 8 Ft. Height

Korean Fir               5 Ft. to 7 Ft. Height

SPRUCE (Sold per ft. @ $9 with incremental measurements priced on site)

Norway spruce       6 Ft. to 10 Ft. Height

Blue Spruce             5 Ft. to 7 Ft.   Height

White Spruce         5 Ft. to 6 Ft.   Height

PINE (Sold per ft. @ $8 with incremental measurements priced on site)

Scotch pine           7 Ft. to 12 Ft. Height 

White pine             7 Ft. to 11 Ft. Height

Red pine                 5 Ft. to 6 Ft.   Height

EXAMPLE: A (7 Ft. – 8 in.) tall Fir or Spruce would be priced at $69.00

                     A (7 Ft. – 8 in.) tall Pine would be priced at $61.00


We also offer pine roping which is sold in 5 ft. increments @ $4.00 / Per 5 feet

Our gift shop features unique hand-crafted items which are priced as marked.